Leader and Presidential candidate of Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim welcomes the decision by the Prosecutor General's Office not to pursue the multiple sexual offense charges filed against former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed.

The State filed charges against Ali Waheed back in 2020 which included inflicting a sexual injury, attempt to rape, and indecent exposure under section 132 of the Penal Code.

Some other charges filed against the former Minister include sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and two counts of unlawful sexual contact.

But yesterday PGO said that it would not proceed with the charges against Ali Waheed because the victims and witnesses of the crimes have refused to give their testimonies against the defendant.

Sharing a news headline about the drop charges, Qasim sent heartfelt congratulations to the former Minister who still remains a member of JP.

Ali Waheed is currently residing in the United Kingdom after traveling to the country for medical purposes back in 2019.

The Press has come to know that Ali Waheed would soon return to the Maldives following the PGO's decision.