A no-confidence motion has been filed against Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed as MDP moved to remove its President from the parliament's top post.

The motion was filed with the signatures of 54 MPs including 50 MPs from the MDP itself. Four MPs belonging to MDP refused to sign the no-confidence motion against the Speaker while 4 MPs from other parties gave their signs to remove Nasheed.

They include the leader of Maldives Democratic Alliance MDA MP Ahmed Siyam and MP for Kaashidhoo Constituency Abdullah Jabir.

The MP listed several reasons why they are filing the motion against Nasheed. The motion said that Nasheed hindered parliament work by not allowing committees to be formed.

The motion also noted that Nasheed has on several occasions handed over his responsibilities as the Speaker to another in the middle of the session and though regulations say that the Speaker must give a reason for this, Nasheed failed to provide a valid reason.

The motion further accused Nasheed of aiding MPs who seek to disrupt parliament proceedings and decorum and also take part in debates while acting as Speaker.

The 54 MPs allege that Nasheed hindered the no-confidence motion proceedings against Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath and failed to be objective as well as hold person grudges against MPs.

The motion further said that Nasheed was elected as the Speaker of the Parliament with the votes of many MPs and that they gave their vote to achieve what the people want.

But the motion further stated that if Nasheed continues in his post, the parliament would not be able to perform its legal duties to its fullest capacity and further lose its standing with the public.