Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says that though the composition of the political parties in the Parliament has changed, the political parties have not come to an agreement on the formation of the Standing Committee.

The MDP, which still has the largest number of members, must update the number of party representatives in parliament after many members left the party and two others joined the party. With this change, MDP has lost the super majority it holds in the parliament but still controls the legislative house.

However, standing committees have not yet been updated in accordance with the changes and as a result, the committee work has been halted.

Before starting today's session, Nasheed said it was necessary for the parties to consult and decide on the formation of committees.

Nasheed also said that the committee composition must be changed every time MPs change their parties and that this must be managed in a better way.

However, MDP Parliamentary Group Leader and the MP for Hithadu North Constituency Mohammed Aslam said yesterday that the work of the committees had stopped because the Speaker had delayed the formation of the committees.

The 54 MPs who signed a no-confidence motion against the Speaker have included the delay in committee composition as one of the reasons they are seeking to remove Nasheed from the post.