Higher Education says the junior college being developed in Haa Alif. Dhidhdhoo and the State-of-the-Art Tivet Centre at Raa. Alifushi will be completed in August.

Speaking to The Press about the construction of the junior college in Dhidhdhoo, the Higher Education Ministry said that all the concrete work of the building has been completed.

The Ministry said that 95 percent of the building planning work has been completed.

It also said that the cementing work outside the building on the lower part of the building has been completed. The Ministry said that the work of cementing inside the first and second floors of the building is currently underway,

The ministry said 55 percent of the project, which began on June 11 last year, has been completed and the college will be completed by July.

Giving details of the work on the Tivet Centre under development in the Ministry said that the structure of the institution block, accommodation block, and recreation block of the building has been completed. It also said that the work on the pillars of the boatyard block has been completed and work on the upper beam is underway.

The work, which began on June 29 last year, is expected to be completed by August. So far, 53 percent of the work has been completed.

The Tivet centre being built in Alifushi

Applications for some posts in the junior college developed in Haa Alif. Dhidhoo and Tivet Centre in Raa. Alifushi has been opened. It has also announced admin officers will be recruited for both institutes. The last date to apply for the posts of Admin Officers is 1:30 pm on May 28.

The selected candidates will work in the Ministry of Higher Education for the first four to six weeks. The Minister said that Once the work area setup of the institute is completed, the works will be shifted to the institute building

• Administrative Officer, Haa Alif. Dhidhdhoo, Junior College

• Administrative Officer, Raa. Alifushi Tivet Centre

The main functions of these managers are to plan and monitor the activities required at the pre-opening stage for the opening of these establishments, to prepare and implement an operational plan, and day-to-day operations of the institute, to provide necessary training to the staff, to provide technical advice, to create an enabling environment for the work to be carried out and Managing things.