Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has expressed annoyance for being blamed after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's motorcade was breached on Monday night after it had driven into a group of opposition protesters.

The Presidential motorcade was stuck amidst the protesters for about 15 minutes and protesters were seen approaching the vehicle in which the President was sitting and waving flags at him.

Police arrested 4 individuals in relation to the incident and in the aftermath MNDF Commanding Officer Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim has been suspended.

While many have been calling for Defence Minister Mariya's resignation over the breach, she today said that the blame on her was unwarranted.

Minister Mariya said that if an operation at the State hospital IGMH goes bad, no one blames the Health Minister and if the police goof up no one blames the Home Minister.

She said that but even at an operational/tactical level if something happens at MNDF, the Defence Minister who happens to be a woman is to blame. She went on to point out that this was in fact celebrating women's month.