Maldives National Party's President Mohamed Nazim under an MNP government would change the education system that forces students to go to school more than once a day.

Speaking at the first session of the MNP Townhall discussion last night, Nazim said that students should be sent to school only once a day and that the parents should only pick up their children only once.

He detailed how the education system would be modified under an MNP government saying that all extracurricular activities that students take part in would be held within the daily school session.

Nazim said the current system forces parents to keep taking their children to school frequently and there have been complaints that families do not get to spend time on their own.

He also said that his party envisioned developing theme parks that families would be able to enjoy in the evening time when they are free from school activities.

Nazim said under an MNP government, extracurricular activities in schools would be carried out in an inclusive manner and that each student can enjoy at least one extracurricular activity.

He then touched on the tuition culture in the Maldives right now and that a lot of parents' income is being spent on tuition fees.

Nazim said that with the changes his party would bring to the system, the current toxic tuition culture would be gone and that many concerns from parents and educators themselves would be availed.