Leader of Jumhoree Party Gasim Ibrahim has met with the son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Ahmed Faris Maumoon amid speculation over Gasim's future political alliance.

Sources have said that the two met at Gasim's Sun Island resort. Details of the meeting and the discussion have not be made public yet.

Gasim's meeting with a key member of Maumoom's Maldives Reform Movement came after he met with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and leader of Adhaalath Imran Abdullah.

Gasim refused to give details of the talks held at the President's Office earlier this month.

Jumhooree Party which has always played a vital role in the Presidential election held before have yet to decide whether it would be fielding its own candidate for this year's elections or whether it would be forming a coalition.

While the Presidential election is scheduled for September of this year, MDP coalition candidate and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, PPM's candidate and former President Abdullah Yameen, former Home Minister Umar Naseer and MNP Leader Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim as well as former Attorney General Dr. Mohamed Munavvar have announced that they would compete in the elections.