The Criminal Court has canceled today's hearing in the trial of abducted journalist Rilwan Ahmed and slain blogger Yameen Rasheed.

The Prosecutor General's Office said that the hearing was scheduled for 08:30 this morning and that it was canceled to give the State a chance to categorize its evidence in accordance with the newly enacted Evidence Act.

The Court is carrying out the hearings of the case behind closed doors. Both the prosecution and the defense requested a closed-door trial as the investigation into the case continues and because whatever is revealed in the trial might harm other people.

Three people have been arrested and charged over the murder of the reporter and the blogger.

They include Ismail Abdul Raheem, Ahmed Ismail, and Ahmed Muaz. All three were arrested yesterday and have been remanded in custody till the end of the trial.

All three have been accused of being involved in the abduction and disappearance while only Ismail Abdul Raheem and Ahmed Ismail were charged with the brutal murder of blogger Yameen.

Rilwan disappeared in 2014 and have not been see since while Yameen was found slain in April of 2017.