Bank of Maldives has announced that there would be a temporary interruption to Visa Card e-Commerce transactions for its customers.

It said via Twitter that due to an ongoing essential upgrade to enhance the security of its cards and payment gateway, BML customers will face interruptions in using BML-issued Visa Debit and Credit cards on some international e-Commerce merchants.

BML said that its customers can continue to use their Visa cards at ATMs and POS Machines abroad.

The Bank assured that it was working swiftly to resume the service and will inform their customers once this is completed.

BML apologized for any inconvenience caused by the interruption and thanked its customers for their patience.

The security upgrade for BML-issued cards amid an increase in card-related scams with criminals sending in false messages in the name of the Bank and making fraud calls to victims disguised as bank tellers before scamming large sums of money from them.