The Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has hired a local law firm to file a case against the removal of the tree from Ameenee Magu as part of its reconstruction.

Nasheed had voiced his concern about the trees removed from one of the most used streets in Male' on several occasions in parliament and had gone on to say that he would take legal action if the removals are not halted.

Today, local law firm Shunana & Co tweeted saying that it will be filing a case tomorrow at the court on behalf of its client Nasheed, requesting an order to stop the removal of urban forestry in Ameeni Magu.

It said that such removal will cause irreparable damage to the environment.

Nasheed's lawyers also said that they would also be seeking a temporary injunction order.

Reconstruction Ameenee Magu began last month under the 'Male Streetscaping project. State-owned corporation Road Development Corporation RDC is undertaking the project and it had been removing the tall trees on Ameenee Magu as part of the project.

While the move by RDC drew criticism from the public, in a statement the Corporation said that the plan was to carry out the reconstruction project without harming the canopy of trees on the street.

But RDC said that the work is being proved challenging as the road has many sewerage pipes and other pipes running through it.