Housing Development Corporation HDC says the first ever Maldivian space mission has been given the name 'Azum'.

HDC said that the name was shared by a man named Saudulla Idrees and that the meaning of 'Azum' was the strong desire to achieve something.

The Corporation said that factors considered while naming the mission include the fact that the name should only be in the Maldivian native language. HDC said that it should be a name that locals and foreigners can easily pronounce.

It added that the name should inspire a determination within the space team and our youngsters to reach new heights.

HDC said that this space mission is for our youngsters, inspiration to take their ideas to the moon and the determination to make every dream of theirs alive.

The mission spearheaded by the Institute for Global Success and HDC consists of seven members. While they include 5 men and 2 women, they are graduates of Aerospace Engineering, Electronics, and Mechanical engineering as well as Computer science.