The government had assured that it would not show bias towards any company just because it was from a particular country as authorities draw close to taking action on the damage caused to Villimale reef after a self-elevating platform ran aground on it last month.

The platform belonged to Thila Male' bridge contractor, AFCONS of India, which took around 10 days to remove the megastructure from the reef. The platform had repeatedly struck the reef for days and left severe damage on the reef with craters on the reef wall and coral branches broken off.

In an answer to the media during a press conference held today, Presidential Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that the government would not differentiate just because it is a particular company or government and that it would uphold the law regardless of these factors and take all appropriate action.

Miuvaan noted that this particular action would be taken by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and that the government or the Environment Ministry would not be taking action on the matter.

He also said that the government would not ask the EPA to act or not act in any way on the matter.

The Presidential Spokesperson added that EPA is currently compiling its report on the damage assessment of the villimale reef and has now sent it to AFCONs to add its comments as the matter relates to the company too.