Leader of JP and MP for Maamigili constituency Gasim Ibrahim says a true democracy can be maintained only through a presidential system of governance.

This is the first time a leader of one of the parties in the coalition government had expressed opposition to the system change which is being heralded by MDP President and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

Gasim said in a tweet that only a presidential system of governance will keep the power of rule in the hands of the people.

He said that presidents and MPs are elected by a public vote but in a parliamentary system, the Prime Minister who would head the government is not elected by a vote taken by the public.

While Gasim had expressed his opposition to the system change, leaders within MDP have also expressed their disagreement with the change. These leaders include President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid and MDP Chairperson and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail.

Regardless of this, MDP President Mohamed Nasheed continues to call for support for the change and has been holding information sessions about the change every night.