MP for Addu Meedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam says the claim that Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's phone was snatched while he was having lunch with his family in the UK is a joke.

The snatching happened days after Nasheed claimed that he had explicit pictures of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih having sex outside of this marriage.

Referring to this, MP Rozaina said that the joke of the century is Nasheed's phone being stolen along with the pictures.

She also questioned whether Nasheed could not come up with a better story after falsing accusing someone.

The parliament had also confirmed that Nasheed's phone had been stolen while he was in the UK.

Meanwhile, Vice Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva Abdullah cited Nasheed's daughter Mira Laila Nasheed to say that the Speaker's phone was stolen while he was at lunch with his daughters and that the thief had evaded capture.

It has been reported that Nasheed has now been removed from social media groups that also have MPs as other members.