Maldives National Party MNP has called on all parties to stop using religion as a political tool.

In a statement, the party said that it condemned the actions of those who had barged into Galolhu National Stadium to stop the International Yoga Day activities that were being held at the stadium.

The party said that it does not accept any party using religion as a political tool and urged all to stop using religious beliefs in such a manner.

MNP also noted that while the event included local and foreign dignitaries, security forces had not taken apt measures to ensure their safety and further said that this concerns the party.

A group of youth barged in to disrupt the Yoga Day event

It said that in the run-up to the event, talk on social media and other platforms should have alerted the security forces that such a disruption might occur and that they should have taken measures to prevent such an outcome.

MNP also criticized the government for going ahead with the event despite the objection from the public. It said that the government's reckless decision endangered the participants of the event.

The group of youth who had barged into the stadium had shouted at the participants of the event and demanded that the event be stopped.

But security forces at the scene had quelled the situation and the Yoga Day events continued.