Vice Leader of Jumhooree Party Ilham Ahmed says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih did not propose that the leader of Jumhooree party Gasim Ibrahim become his running mate for the 2023 Presidential election when the two met over the weekend.

President Solih met Gasim at the latter's resort, Sun Island on Friday and was joined by some cabinet ministers and several MPs.

Following the unofficial talks between the two, rumors of President Solih offering the running mate slot to Gasim had been abundant.

Speaking about the matter to 'The Press', Ilham said that he had been present during the talks between Gasim and President Solih.

Ilham further said that during the meeting, there was no talk of the running mate slot for the 2023 presidential election and no such offers were made.

President Solih won the 2018 presidential election with his current Vice President Faisal Naseem who is from the Jumhooree party.

The meeting between the President and the leader of JP came after President Solih announced his bid for re-election last week.