Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has criticized the unofficial meeting held between President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the leader of the Jumhooree party Gasim Ibrahim at the latter's resort yesterday.

In messages to a Whatsapp group that hosts MDP members, the leader of the party Nasheed said that President Solih had announced his presidential candidacy with the assurance that current coalition members Adhaalath and Jumhooree party would stand with him.

He further said that the President's sudden talks with Gasim meant that he took the decision unilaterally without consent from the party.

The President's meeting with Gasim on Sun Island came after Solih announced that he would be seeking re-election in the 2023 Presidential election.

In his rare appearance in front of the media after more than 300 days last Wednesday, President Solih said he is confident that he can win the election with the backing of a coalition and that MDP alone cannot triumph.

Nasheed had been quick to aim jabs at the President following his announcement.

In a tweet that day, Nasheed said that in his opinion, this was not the moment to prioritize one's own aspirations and move to secure the power to rule. But he said that this was rather the time to stabilize the foreign currency reserve and to work on ensuring the country's financial security.