Maldives Airports Company Ltd MACL has denied reports that Russian national carrier Aeroflot is looking to halt its flights to the Maldives less than a month after it resumed flying to the country.

The reports came after the carrier had suspended its flights to neighboring Sri Lanka after one of its flights was held back by the country's authorities.

While the carrier had confirmed this, the flight was held back under a court order and would remain under Sri Lankan custody till the 16th of this month. The airline had also suspended airfare sales in Sri Lanka as part of its action following measures by the Country's officials.

This has prompted media reports that the Russian carrier would be suspending its flights to the Maldives after resuming flights last month.

MACL was quick to squash the reports and the General Manager of Corporation Communications at the Company Hassan Areef said to 'The Press' that flights between Russia and the Maldives are continuing as scheduled. He added that even today a flight from the airline had landed at Velaana International Airport.

He confirmed that neither MACL nor Aeroflot had any issues between them.

Though the airline had resumed flights to the Maldives, it had suspended flights back in March due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.