Maldives National Party MNP has unveiled plans to establish a 'Ministry of Happiness' if the party comes into power in the future.

The plans were announced by MNP President and MP for Dhagethi Constituency Mohamed Nizam at a party meeting held last night.

Although it was not clear why MNP was aiming to form such a ministry, Nazim had alluded to the issue of elderly citizens not receiving enough from the government in his speech.

Nazim said that MNP plans to create self-sufficient Maldivians but currently the elderly citizens are far from being self-sufficient and they had been isolated.

He further said that an organization working for the rights of elderly citizens had met with the President and other relevant government authorities but had only received the disappointing answer of budget constraints.

Nazim also aimed criticism at the authorities for their failure to gather funds for such an important cause and for their willingness to continue top salaries to Parliamentarians.

He said that some of his fellow MP might take home a big salary but are not doing anything in return.