The Prosecutor General's Office says charges would be filed against more individuals as authorities gather further evidence in relation to the attack that targeted the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed over a year ago.

On May 6th, 2021, Nasheed was attacked outside his home in Male' after an IED strapped to a motorcycle was detonated just as the Speaker had walked past the parked vehicle.

Nasheed had suffered life-threatening injuries to his head and torso and was rushed to ADK and then taken abroad for further treatment.

In a statement released by the PG Office, the investigation and the charging process were going according to the legal procedural guidelines and timelines.

PG Office said that it had worked with Police to find, establish, and submit evidence to the court and added that two members from the Prosecutors team had always been present with the police when working on the case.

It also said that one of the masterminds behind the attack had confessed during the investigation and that the person was now serving a jail sentence following his conviction.

The PG Office further authorities had gathered different types of evidence in relation to other cases in court that are related to the attack and it is the responsibility of the court to determine the validity and effectiveness of this evidence.

It added that charges would be filed against any individual who had and had not been arrested in relation to the case depending on the evidence uncovered during the investigation.