Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed says more than 1,500 individuals living in Addu City have fallen victim to drug and narcotics abuse while there are 12 active criminal gangs roaming the city.

Speaking to local journalists, CP Hameed said while the 12 criminal gangs are active in Addu City, in-fighting between the groups causes problems from time to time.

CP Hameed further said that the drug abuse problem in Addu City has grown stronger and that more and more young people are always falling victim to addiction.

He added that the younger generation is involved in both using and dealing with narcotics.

The Police Commissioner also mentioned 19 other criminals who have been repeatedly involved in theft and robberies by breaking into people's houses and stealing from farms.

Hameed said that these were concerning matters and such criminals can only be stopped by giving them the punishment they deserve through the legal system.

He added that the police would prioritize increasing the number of officers working in the force in Addu City.