The family of a 59-year-old man who suffered multiple injuries after a launch had crashed on the dinghy he was traveling on off Kaafu Maafushi is now fighting for his life.

Speaking to "The Press" President of Maafushi island council Hassan Solih said that the accident had occurred around 09:20 pm last night.

Solih said that the accident occurred after the launch had crashed the dinghy from behind and that the man aboard the dinghy had been thrown off during the collision.

He also said that the man had been out reef fishing and that he made the trip alone.

Solih said that the victim had been sent to Male' for critical treatment and that he had been under treatment at ADK hospital.

A family member had said that the victim remained at ADK hospital and that he was being treated at the hospital's ICU.

Citing the man's doctor, the family said tests had revealed that the man had suffered facial bone fractures and that his lungs had blood as well as saltwater.

The family said that while there were facial bone fractures, the bones in his nose were nearly all broken. The family further said that the victim had suffered injures to his jawline and teeth and that he was having difficulty breathing.

According to the family, the victim remained unconscious and in serious condition.

Local law enforcement authorities are yet to confirm the incident.