MP for Vilifushi Constituency Hassan Afeef has accused private clinics of scamming patients when making COVID-19 PCR tests.

Speaking at the Parliament today, MP Afeef said these clinics were related to the doctors on the Technical Advisory Group TAG that was advising the government on the matter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Afeef said it has been said that some clinics are conducting rapid COVID tests in the guise of PCR tests and charging patients as such.

MP Afeef questioned how such scams can be put to a stop if those meant to correct and streamline the system are seen involved in such scams.

The MP called on the government and especially Health Ministry to probe these accusations.

Conducting COVID-19 PCR tests has become a lucrative business here in the Maldives with many private clinics popping up in the country amid the pandemic.

Some of these clinics offer "Express Services" at hiked-up prices that would ensure that customers get their COVID results at an accelerated speed.