Ministry of Education says the committee convened to determine those responsible for the proofreading errors in students' textbooks for the subjects of Islam and the Quran has begun its work.

In a tweet, the Ministry said that the committee is expected to finish its work within 7 days and submit its findings to the Education Minister.

The Ministry assured that it would take action based on the finding of the committee.

Over the last few days, many have been drawn to glaring errors in the textbooks with verses of the Holy Quran mixed up. These errors have surfaced from the Ministry-sanctioned textbooks issued for many grades.

Addressing the matter at a press conference held yesterday, Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali had said after the textbooks are compiled, the books are proofread and then passed onto the Islamic Ministry for further approval.

The Minister conceded that errors were made in both these stages before the textbooks were sent out to printing and then issued to the students.

Minister Aishath said officials at the Ministry have now convened a committee to determine those responsible for the errors and assured that such mistakes would not be repeated in the future.