Lawyer Mohamed Nishan Ibrahim says the MDP-backed petition urging President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to change the governing system from a presidential system to a parliamentary system is garnering more support than initially expected.

Speaking to "The Press", Nishan said that although he is unable to say how many people have signed the petition, many are supporting the petition.

Nishan noted that many have shown interest to sign the petition and are doing so.

This petition was initiated by the MDP Faction that supports the Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The Speaker had urged those who supported him to sign the petition.

The letter that accompanied the petition is addressed to President Solih and it reminded him that MDP's 2018 Presidential campaign was centered around a manifesto that promised huge reforms and changes to the constitution.

The letter reminded that the President that the changes included giving legal powers to political coalitions, making it impossible for MPs to change political alliances as well as other changes.

It also said that the presidential manifesto promised that once the changes are brought to the constitution, to form a government that is headed by a Prime Minister and to cut down state expenditures with these measures.

The letter also said that that manifesto read that these changes would be brought by 2020 and that the deadline has now passed.