Police have requested the Prosecutor General's Office to file more charges against jailed ex-President Abdullah Yameen regarding the dealings of V.Aaara, an island slated for resort development.

Police asked the PG office to press more charges following its investigations into accusations that the ex-President had pocketed MVR 1 million to his own account following the sale of the island near Vaavu Thinadhoo.

It had requested the PG to press the charges of accepting bribes and money laundering.

The island in question was formerly owned by a company related ex-DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali. In 2015 the ownership of the island was transferred to former MP Yoosuf Naeem and later handed over to a local company for resort development.

It is now alleged that the former President had sold off the island to a foreign buyer and transferred MVR 1 million from the sale to his bank account at HSBC.

The opposition leader is currently serving a five-year jail sentence after money laundering charges were proven against him.

Although he had been serving his jail sentence at Maafushi Jail, the ex-President was last night moved to his home in Male' after prison officials confirmed a COVID outbreak at the jail.

It is believed that more than 17 prison officers had tested positive for COVID-19 as the island of Maafushi remains under monitoring.