Former Housing Minister Dr.Mohamed Muizzu has been elected as the Mayor of Male' City after claiming a landslide victory in the local council elections held yesterday.

Temporary voting results showed that Dr. Muizzu, who had represented the opposition PPM, had secured 9305 votes in the elections while MDP Mayoral candidate Anas Abdul Sattar had received 5573 votes.

Independent Mayoral candidate Alhan Fahmy had secured 259 votes.

Although the official results would be announced in a few days, Anas had already conceded defeat via Twitter last night.

He said that the people of Male' had spoken and that he accepted the results of the elections. He congratulated his opponent Dr. Muizzu on his victory.

Anas went onto say that MDP has to look into the results of this election and re-strategize its approach to win over the people of Male'.

His call to restrategize came as MDP lost its hold on Male' City Council for the first time in 10 years after PPM had secured at least three seats on the council.