Acting leader of the opposition council Abdul Raheem Abdullah (Adhurey) has pleaded not guilty to the use of profanity charges brought against him by the state.

He denied the charge at a Criminal Court hearing today where he was given the chance to justify his actions.

Apart from denying the charge against him, Adhurey had also asked the court to grant him the chance to submit the trial documents in writing.

The court had granted him this chance and had given him a deadline till next Tuesday to submit pre-trial documents. The state had not requested the chance to submit any documents.

The outspoken opposition leader is accused of using expletive language at a protest outside the Criminal on 28th November 2019 while the court was issuing the verdict against former President Abdullah Yameen on money laundering charges.

He had used a louder speaker to ridicule the judges on the criminal court bench and used expletives during his talk.

The state filed the charges in October of last year and if found guilty Adhurey could spend a maximum of three months in prison.

The opposition had written off the charges as both fickle and petty as is the administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The opposition had also said that it would not be surprising if the defendant is found guilty by the Criminal Court judge whom the opposition accuses of being handpicked by Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed to do his political bidding.