US Ambassador to the Maldives Alaina B. Teplitz says the US is looking forward to opening its new embassy in the Maldivian capital Male'.

She made the comments via Twitter after meeting with the state Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Khaleel earlier today.

Ambassador Teplitiz thanked the State Minister for hosting today's discussion and reaffirmed US commitment to the Maldives in different areas. She said that the US supports the Maldives' on-going democratic initiatives, economic development, and environmental conservation efforts.
She added that the US is also looking forward to opening its new embassy here in the Maldives.

Earlier today, Ambassador Teplitz met with Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer for bilateral talks.

In a tweet, the Ambassador said that she had a great conversation with the Finance Minister about the USD 100,000 debt relief agreement between the US and the Maldives.

US Ambassador Teplitz met with Finance Minister Ameeru/ Photo: Twitter

The US and the Maldives signed the Debt Service Suspension Initiative agreement on the 30th of December last year, with it giving the Maldives a respite on its loan commitments.

Ambassador Teplitz also said that the two sides discussed on-going US support to the Finance Ministry through its USAID's Public Financial Management program.

After the 2018 Presidential elections, the government of Maldives had requested the US to share its expertise on establishing solid democratic values.

USAID provides technical assistance to government ministries in areas like public financial management and helps advance sound economic and democratic policies.