Commissioner of Elections Ahmed Shareef says the commission is planning to hold the local council elections that were delayed due to COVID-19 would be held on March 6th of next year.

Speaking on Raaje TVs falasuruhee program, Shareef said that although the commission is working to hold the delayed local council elections then, it would officially announce the election date when the government calls off the State of Public Health Emergency currently in place in the country.

Shareef also said that elections cannot be held spontaneously and that they need to plan accordingly. He informed that the commission is preparing to hold the elections with a date in mind but the official date would be later announced.

In the law passed by the parliament regarding the delay of the local council elections, it said that the Elections Commission should announce the election date 7 days after the government removes the state of public health emergency that has now been extended 9 times in the country.

Although the elections have been delayed, the elections commission has permitted candidates to resume their campaign activities albeit within the guidelines set by the Health Protection Agency.