State Trading Organization (STO) on Thursday, 27 August, confirms commencement of building a 19-bed setup at Thaajuddeen School as a new observation facility.

According to STO the new setup is being built in order to increase the capacity to care for patients contracting Covid-19 disease.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, during the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) presser, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed of the TAG Team confirms state's initiative to develop observation facilities at both Thaajuddeen and Hiriya Schools.

Meanwhile Dr. Shaheed confirms attempts being made to increase chances of transferring Covid-19 patients to facility base isolation instead of home-isolation. He also stressed on the importance of having observation facilities for patients to use on temporary basis prior to being transferred to a facility.

According to recent updates, the bed capacity of patients show 68% occupancy rate, while authorities are prompting to increase facilities to cater for new cases.

State has decided on transforming Hulhule' Island Hotel (HIH) into an isolation facility to adjust for the growing numbers of positive cases.