The cumulative total of recurrent expenditure of Maldives state reaches MVR10,271.0 million (MVR10.3 billion) as of 30 July 2020.

According to Ministry of Finance the cumulative total of capital expenditure as of the review period stood at MVR4,370.3 million (MVR4.4 billion).

Moreover, in the ministry's Weekly Fiscal Development, it was reported the government spending on salaries, wages and pensions of public sector employees stood at MVR5,709.3 million (MVR5.7 billion).

On the other hand, state have spent another MVR4,559.3 million (MVR4.6 billion) on administrative and operational expenses.

Under capital expenditure, Maldives government have spent MVR155.1 million on capital equipment with another MVR2,254.8 million (MVR2.3 billion) on infrastructure assets. Meanwhile the development projects and investment outlay expenses stood at MVR1,500.4 million (MVR1.5 billion).

According to the ministry's Weekly Fiscal report, government of Maldives have settled MVR622.3 million in loan repayment while another MVR246.4 million was transferred to Sovereign Development Fund (SDF).

Furthermore the expenditure on Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) - which does not get included under state expenditure directly anymore - stood at MVR2,312.3 million (MVR2.3 billion).