Maldives Vice President Mr Faisal Naseem has urged from public to ensure restrain on spread of the Covid-19 viral disease.

In a tweet he made, the country's Vice President acknowledges the difficulty in the current conditions adding the public will be facing setbacks over the lockdown. Moreover he mentioned the predicament of businesses forced to close shop temporarily or otherwise.

Vice President Naseem further urged from the public to ensure safety measures and to work in cohesion to rid of the viral pandemic.

Moreover, he noted that the state and public's aim should be to working towards adjusting their lifestyles amid the presence of the viral contagion. He also notes such an option was better than a second lockdown measure.

Despite ease on lockdown measures, the danger has once again started to intensify as claimed by Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen during Tuesday's statement.

The minister in his statement urged from public to adhere to social distancing and wear masks while stepping outside.