An 18 year old local woman under home quarantine at the guesthouse island; Maafushi has tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the island council's Deputy President Nasheedha Adam, the local woman was under home quarantine when it was discovered she carried the viral contagion.

Moreover, the council's deputy notes the woman is from a family of 11 arriving from Maldives capital; Male' City and all the members were under home quarantine at a single Maafushi residence.

Maafushi council's deputy further confirms the other 10 members of her family tested negative for the viral disease while health authorities along with the island's authorities were contact-tracing to assess the spread.

The contact tracing has not identified anyone who have come in contact with the positive; outside of her family members.

Meanwhile, Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) confirm the woman has been isolated following her results.

Authorities claim the number of positive cases on a daily basis have been on the rise following the new-normal ease on restrictive measures.