A South Korea Peace advocacy group says most South Koreans prefer the Maldives as a post-pandemic honeymoon destination with the island nation preparing to open borders in two weeks.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of light HWPL, an international peace organization based on South Korea said that in South Korea, Maldives was selected as the most preferred country as a honeymoon destination after the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end.

Back in June, Germany listed the Maldives as safe destinations to travel once borders reopen. Germany highlighted 130 countries deemed dangerous to travel and the tourism ministry noted that the Maldives was one of the few countries not included in the list.

The Maldivian government had announced that it would be opening the country’s borders on the 15th of July and would be welcoming back tourists to the resorts.

Reports have confirmed that 37 resorts in the country are gearing up to resume businesses in July with 29 resorts lined up for July 15th reopening.

Covid-19 testing sample

Meanwhile, over 4,000 members of the HWPL recovered from COVID-19 are willing to donate plasma for developing a new treatment.

The amount of blood will be about $83 billion worth if the 4,000 patients donate 500ml individually, according to the current transaction in the United States.

An official from Green Cross Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company in South Korea said that it is difficult to accelerate developing a medicine for COVID-19 with only 200 recovered patients who expressed their will to donate blood.

The official said that the massive donation from the recovered patients in the HWPL will solve the problem of the lack of blood for research.

An official from HWPL explained the contribution saying that they had a discussion with the health authorities and tried to establish a plan with details for donation.

The official said that some of the recovered members have already donated individually, feeling thankful for the assistance from the government and medical teams and expressed their will to make a contribution to society.

South Korea has reported 281 deaths from Covid-19