Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Tuesday confirms the discovery of 24 additional cases of Covid-19 while subsequently reporting 17 new recoveries.

As per the health authority, they have discovered the additional cases between 18:00hrs of 29 June and 18:00hrs of 30 June, confirming the total number of reported cases in Maldives have hiked to 2,361.

Tuesday's positive cases include 11 locals, 7 Bangladesh nationals and 6 Indians.

Meanwhile, the recovery rate has increased to an overall 82 percent with total number of recoveries inching closer to 2,000. As of 30 June total recoveries reached 1,944.

On the other hand, active cases are slowly declining with 403 individuals currently under treatment. Health authorities further reveal 134 individuals remain in quarantine while 275 were in isolation.

Maldives reports a total of 9 deaths related to Covid-19, however the country still has one of the lowest mortality rates.