The members of Naifaru island council on Monday have unanimously agreed on the no confidence motion put on its agenda against its President Mohamed Kareem.

The council president is alleged for gross negligence and failure to fulfill his responsibilities as his held designate.

At Monday's proceeding of Naifaru council meeting all three members of the council with the exception of its president and a fourth member, coincided that Kareem no longer was fit for duty.

The meeting was not attended by the council's fourth member Mamnooh Easa as well as the now terminated council president.

While a no confidence on his name has been approved at Naifaru Council on Monday, Kareem was notified 30 days prior to the voting.

Kareem was alleged of breaking council protocols and failing to heed directives by Local Government Authority to establish an Emergency Operating Center (EOC) amid Covid-19 pandemic. The council president had acted out on his own personal agenda regardless of public complaints.

Moreover, Kareem had continuously refused inclusion of civil societies and associations of the island towards efforts in curbing or placing protective measures against the viral pandemic.

Many of the island's locals had voiced concerns and lodged complaints against Kareem for his clear violation and breach of responsibilities. Kareem was also alleged for misusing his authority as council president.

Meanwhile the Local Government Authority intervened earlier to advise the Council President regarding his misconduct and urged to adhere to authority instructions.