Health Protection Agency (HPA) confirms three Bangladesh repatriates who were sent back to their home country tested positive for Covid-19.

During the press conference held on Monday evening at National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) Mohamed Mabrook Azeez confirmed the three Bangladeshis in fact tested positive for the virus and have been quarantined in their home country upon arrival.

While the total number of positive cases in Maldives reaches 2,217 the highest number of positive cases come from Bangladesh nationality with a recorded 1,155 cases.

Meanwhile a total of 2,499 undocumented Bangaldeshi expatriates have been send off back to their country through efforts by Maldives government.

At an earlier press conference in May, Azeez asserted a total of 5,000 expatriates will be send off back to their respective home countries.

Due to international travel restrictions still observed in Maldives, many foreigners residing in the island nation for various purposes have become stranded.

In order to provide relief and support to stranded expatriates, Maldives government in association with relevant foreign embassies and high commissions have attempted to repatriate them safely back to their respective home countries. These included several Indian as well as Bangladesh repatriates.