Maldives government will be renouncing the total lockdown and 'reopening' Greater Male' Region under New Normal on coming Monday, 14 June 2020.

Although, it has been reported the lockdown will be lifted on Monday next week, domestic transport between islands will remain restricted.

The Greater Male' Region came under complete lockdown in 15 April, after the very first Covid-19 positive case was discovered from Male' City.

Health authorities had later on attested the viral contagion was on a community outbreak, with multiple positive cases reported in everyday.

Maldives government restricted public gathering and outside movement with the exemption for front-line workers and authorities.

Public were permitted to go out under special circumstances, which involved shopping for necessities. Only members of the public who acquired permit prior to going out were allowed on the streets.

Moreover, individuals found in violation of the regulations were either fined or arrested for their offenses.