National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) confirmed 153 of Maldivian repatriates flying from Sri Lanka will be placed in home-quarantine after arrival.

During the press conference on Tuesday evening, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez mentioned all local repatriates will be quarantined upon arrival.

Meanwhile, Health Protection Agency (HPA) have forwarded a form to the repatriates to fill, which would place their preferences of quarantine.

Out of the repatriates, 153 have forwarded filled forms requesting home quarantine distributed in 13 atolls of the country - respective to their home islands.

The official spokesperson on Covid-19 developments in the country, Mabrook, further asserted several repatriates not complying towards filling the HPA sent form. He also added many of the repatriates leaving out preference of quarantine.

As per Mabrook, such non-disclosure can lead to discrepancies or complications should the repatriates wish to travel between the islands upon arrival.

The first rescue flight from Lanka will be arriving in Maldives sometime on Wednesday, carrying stranded locals who visited the neighboring country for medical purposes.

In addition to them, students who completed their courses and remained stranded in Lanka will be flying in the same flight. Another batch of repatriates from Wednesday's flight include people with serious medical complications, who requested to reach home country.