Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has received a letter requesting for the immediate removal of incumbent Housing Minister Athifa Shukoor.

The letter was sent to Nasheed by Mid-Machhangolhi constituency lawmaker Ibrahim Riyaz.

In the letter MP Riyaz highlighted on the current administration's promise of substantial solution towards housing issues in Maldives, which have not been resolved or attended by the authority mandated with the responsibilities.

The lawmaker further bemoaned that the Ibrahim Mohamed Solih led administration have been inefficient in its efforts of providing relief for the public related to housing and sheltering.

Furthermore, the parliamentarian has claimed the flats under housing scheme at Hulhumale' have not been assigned to its rightful owners; selected from members of the public.

Meanwhile the Housing Minister has fallen into public scrutiny and wide-scale criticism over a recent statement.

Minister Athifa had announced 7000 housing units will be issued out to public in July, which was later retracted as a mistake from the ministry.