The island council of an elderly suspect arrested by local law enforcement over sexual abuse, has confirmed the suspect holds previous records for the same.

The council, while speaking to local media 'The Press' said the 80 year old local male arrested for sexually abusing a 12 year old minor has previous records of sexual molestation and abuse.

The elderly sex-offender, according to the island council of the island he belongs to, confirmed his offenses were reported previously as well.

Meanwhile, Maldives Police Service has confirmed the elderly sex-offender was apprehended sometime on Sunday evening.

Locals of the island have claimed the elderly man has been observed with erratic and indecent behavior towards minors on several accounts.

In recent days, several sexual abuse cases have surfaced all involving elderly perpetrators against victims below the age of 18 - the constitutionally identified age of a consenting adult in Maldives.