Maldives Democratic Party MDP says applications are now open for the vacant post of its PG leader.

MDP said that the election to select the party's next PG leader would be held on the 23rd of this month. It said that those interested are encouraged to submit their application forms starting today till the 18th of this month.

MDP also said that those interested can submit their application via a form made for the occasion.

Up until earlier this week, MP for Hithadhoo North Constituency Mohamed Aslam has been fulfilling the role of the MDP PG Leader.

But last Monday, MP Aslam was elected as the Speaker of the Parliament after the former Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed resigned from his post.

MP Aslam defeated Parliament Minority Leader Ali Azim by 30 votes to be elected as the Speaker.

Ironically, MP Aslam replaced MP Azim, who was then representing MDP in the parliament, as the PG Leader for the Parliament Majority party in the internal election.