The Elections Commission says more than 25,000 individuals submitted re-registration forms ahead of the Presidential Run-Off scheduled for the 30th of this month.

The Commission opened re-registration for voters who want to change the place of voting for the Presidential run-off last week giving them just two days to re-register as the deadline is at 04:00 pm today.

Voters can submit re-registration forms both physically and via the online platform.

Vice President of the Elections Commission Ismail Habeeb confirmed today that a total of 25,493 people have submitted re-registration forms so far.

In a further breakdown, Habeeb said on the first day of re-registration for the Run-Off, a total of 9,206 people submitted re-registration forms and that on the second day, 16,287 submitted registration forms.

Habeeb said on the first day, 7,267 submitted their forms online while on the second day, 11,082 chose to submit their forms via the online platform.

The Vice President of the Commission further said that a total of 10,271 voters have now been successfully re-registered and that the Commission has rejected 1,546 forms for various reasons.

He said that forms were rejected as they were missing information and many online forms are still in pending status as the verification process is ongoing.

Habeeb further said that the deadline for re-registration is at 4:00 p.m today and that there is little chance voters would get another opportunitiy to change their place of voting beyond that.