The Supreme Court has scheduled the verdict hearing of ex-President Abdullah Yameen's appeal case for next week.

The top court said that the hearing to render the verdict would be held next Tuesday at 09:00 am

The Ex-President is seeking to overturn the Criminal Court's decision issued against him on 29th November 2019 where he was found guilty of money laundering and subsequently given a jail sentence of 5 years and a fine of USD 5 million.

The verdict hearing comes after the Prosecutor General's Office pressed more charges against Yameen yesterday.

The PGs Office said that it had filed charges on two counts of money laundering at the criminal against the ex-leader.

It had said that the charges related to the transaction that leased Vaavu Atoll Aarah for resort development and the state is accusing Yameen of abusing his power as the head of the state and accepting bribery of USD one million and then laundering the money.