Police have ordered former President Abdullah Yameen to attend its headquarters for questioning regarding a case they are investigating.

This was confirmed by the ex-President's lawyer's team. This is the second time Yameen is being summoned to the police in three days as he was taken to the police headquarters last Saturday.

In a tweet, members of his defense team and former vice president Mohamed Jameel said that the ex-leader was being summoned to sign a statement that he had previously given.

Jameel went onto say that the actions of the police were depriving the ex-Presidents of his legal rights and that it was hindering justice.

The former President is currently on a five-year jail sentence after he was found guilty of money laundering back in 2019.

Yameen had been serving his sentence in the Maafushi Jail but was moved to his residence in Male' back in May after a surge in COVID-19 cases was reported in the jail.

Maldives correctional services had said that many officers and inmates had been stricken with the fast-spreading illness and that it had decided to move high-risk inmates to their homes.