Police have confirmed that it had arrested a third individual in relation to the May 6th attack that had been ruled as an act of terror against the speaker of the parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed.

In a tweet, Police said that the 3rd individual had been arrested today but didn't give any information regarding the suspect now under custody. However, it did confirm that the suspect was the main culprit behind the attack.

Police added that it would keep sharing more developments as the investigation continues.

They had earlier released pictures of a third suspect in relation to Thursday's attack and appealed for the public's help in detaining the suspect.

Police released image of suspect yesterday/ Photo: Police

Police on Saturday arrested two individuals from Male' in relation to the terrorist attack and released their information to the public as well. The two suspects previously arrested include 21-year-old Mujaaz Ahmed and 32-year-old Thahumeen Ahmed.

Two suspects under police custody/ Photo: Police

Police had also said that its forensics team restored the obliterated Vehicle Identification Number from the motorcycle engine, leading to the apprehension of one suspect.

The speaker and former President Nasheed had sustained serious injuries in the attack against his person with his medical team revealing that projectiles from the blast had pierced his lungs after fracturing through his fourth rib, narrowly missing his heart by a centimeter.