Health Protection Agency HPA has reported 508 new cases of COVID-19 in the country on Sunday as the situation looks more serious than ever in the Maldives.

HPA said in its daily update that the new cases include a staggering 276 new cases from the Greater Male' Area and another 185 new cases from inhabited islands.

HPA also reported 12 new cases from operational resorts while it said that 32 new cases were confirmed from industrial/islands used for other purposes and 3 cases from safaris.

The new cases have taken the total number of cases reported in the Maldives to 30,745.

With the recent surge in new cases, the active cases in the country have also surged to 5,594 and the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has now dramatically risen to 172 with 25,068 recoveries.

The global pandemic has killed 74 people in the Maldives since April 2020 and this includes 65 locals and 9 foreigners.

Yesterday, the Health Protection Agency HPA had tightened its measures taken against the pandemic in the islands. It had banned non-essential travel between the islands for the duration of a week and had said that island councils would be overseeing the arrangements of essential travel during this period.