The State-Owned Enteprise Committee of Maldives Parliament have decided to investigate the potential data leakage of card details of Bank of Maldives.

During the 30th meeting of the committee, its chair and Hulhudhoo constituency lawmaker stated an investigation into the leakage is important to ensure such an incident does not repeat again.

Recently Bank of Maldives have cleared out the confusion related to the speculation of the potential data leakage.

BML confirmed that "there appears to have been no breach of card details" at the bank.

Moreover, it mentioned regarding the speculated data leakage stating the bank was notified of a potential breach of data from a large merchant. BML further commented, they were notified by one of their card partnets, indicating it may have affected 350 BML issued cards.

"Merchants and e-commerce merchants around the world are often compromised and card details can as a result appear on the dark web," BML noted in their statement, adding that they remain vigilant along with their card associations.

BML had also assured such concerns will be investigated as well.

Meanwhile, the bank assured they have deactivated the cards in questions and added that they were "in the process of issuing replacements for customers."

BML assured that in such cases where a merchant is compromised, customers will be fully protected and will not face any financial loss.